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Kids are some of our favorite customers: they’re funny, they’re full of energy, and they always stay true. We want to celebrate our youngest customers—and the great folks raising them!—with some fun, food, and family bonding. Join us for Family Time on Sunday, October 22, when kid’s meals are free with every adult meal purchase of $7 or more! (*One free kid’s meal per adult meal.) And while you’re here for Family Time, you’ll also have the opportunity to help families fighting cancer: net proceeds from all October 22 sales of our fan-favorite triple chocolate cake will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Just like our main menu features something for everyone—from classic ‘que and fresh salads to spicy specials and the whole dang MOTHELOAD—our kid’s menu is sure to satisfy your youngster. Got a budding barbeque enthusiast? Pick up a kid’s brisket. Kiddo on an all-chicken-nugget diet? Grab ‘em some chicken tenders (scratch-made, hand-breaded, so good). Even the pickiest eaters won’t say no to our extra-curly mac & cheese! And remember that our decadent triple chocolate cake will be doing triple-duty: dessert for the kids, dessert for you, donation to fight cancer!

So call in the kids, pile in the car, and come on out to City Barbeque on October 22. Just mention to the cashier that you’re here for “Family Time” and you’re all set (no coupon necessary)!

*Our hope was that you could bring your awesome kid(s) in for a wonderful dine-in experience here with us! We do understand that there may be special circumstances that may prevent this.

Do you need a little spice in your life? Do you love our LoLo’s but wish it were turned up a notch? Do you ever put potato chips on a sandwich?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or if you just love delicious new ‘que, then light things up with our Firecracker! Spicy pulled pork, chipotle slaw, chili tortilla strips: this sandwich is lit.

BOOM—we start with our fan-favorite pulled pork and mix it with a special spicy sauce for the first layer of heat

BOOM—we turn things up with a creamy slaw, peppered with cayenne and minced chipotles

BOOM—we top it off with crunchy fried tortilla strips coated in our signature spice rub

But hurry, the Firecracker’s got a short fuse: your new favorite sandwich is only around for a limited time!

Introducing… Baja Turkey Salad!

Summer may be Barbeque Season, but it’s also the time of year when a fresh, healthy salad sounds sooo good. What’s a ‘que fan to do?

Come to City Barbeque and order up a Baja Turkey Salad! We start with a fresh spring mix and load it up with cukes, tomatoes, and a flavor-packed housemade corn salsa. Then we add the hot stuff: freshly fried tortilla strips and our award-winning smoked turkey. The whole thing gets topped off with our addictive chipotle ranch dressing and a lime wedge for some DIY seasoning.

Sound good? It’s great! The crisp veggies, the crunchy tortillas, the warm turkey, that salsa [heart eyes] But it’s only available for a limited time, so hightail it into City Barbeque and get your greens on!

NEW menu option perfect for 6 folks wanting to try a little of everything.

Trust us, we know the feeling better than anyone: You walk into City Barbeque, can’t decide between your favorites, and just want to order everything. Well, that just got a little easier! Meet the MOTHERLOAD:

  • A half-pound of full-cut brisket, smoked for 18 hours and sliced to order
  • A half-pound of our fan-favorite pulled pork
  • A half-pound of national award–winning smoked turkey
  • A half slab of St. Louis–cut ribs (bite-off-the-bone and then go-back-for-more)
  • A half chicken—white meat or dark meat, everyone’s happy!
  • Two smoked sausages, with a crispy skin and a spicy kick
  • Three pieces of homemade cornbread
  • Three pieces of buttery grilled Texas toast
  • And six (yeah, SIX) sides of your choice

‘Course, you’ll (probably) want to share this spread: the MOTHERLOAD feeds six folks, easy. So the next time you’re all craving something different—or you’ve got some friends in tow who’ve never been to City Barbeque!—get you a MOTHERLOAD and share the love.

Counting calories? Cutting carbs? Pumping up your protein intake? No matter what your diet entails, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and flavor. We put competition quality into everything we make, which means there is something for everyone at City Barbeque! Here are some options (and tips) for great meal combinations that stir up your taste buds and keep you on track:

Low Calorie
Good news: Smoke has zero calories! All of our meats are available in a lunch-size portion (4 oz) to cut down on calories – just ask. Our delectable Smoked Turkey is the most lean option, with only 140 calories per lunch-size serving. If our locally-raised Quarter Chicken is more your style, it can be ordered skinless to shave off 100 calories. Low-cal side options include our Side Salad (35 cal w/o dressing), Green Beans w/ Bacon (90 cal), and seasonal offerings such as Cukes ‘N Onions (80 cal) and Watermelon (85 cal).

High Protein
Ditch those powdery shakes! If you’re looking for true muscle fuel, look no further than our all-natural smoked meats. Our Brisket and Pulled Pork each contain over 50 grams of protein per serving, while our leaner (but equally delicious) Turkey Breast has 49 grams. All of these are available on a sandwich bun, naked, or by the pound. And if you’re REALLY looking to pack on the muscle, our hormone-free Half Chicken has a staggering 120 grams of pure protein power! Pair it with a side like our Collard Greens w/ Pork (18 grams of protein) or Mac & Cheese (13g) and you’ll be hitting PRs (personal records) in no time.

Low Carb
Trying to trim out excess carbs? It’s easy! Keep your full-size portion of Brisket, Turkey, Pulled Pork, or Pulled Chicken under 5 grams of carbohydrates – just ask for it naked (a.k.a. without the bun). Feeling saucy? Drizzle on our fan-favorite Swine Wine, which has 20 calories and only 4 grams of carbs per tablespoon. Pair your meat of choice with sides like our Green Beans w/ Bacon (5g carbs), Gumbo w/ Brown Rice (14g), or Collard Greens w/ Pork (6g) for a complete meal compatible with any low-carb diet.

High Nutrient
Speaking of our Collards, did you know that they are an excellent source of iron and vitamins A, C, and K? They’re also rich in dietary fiber, as are our Baked Beans w/ Brisket. And if you’re seeking a balanced variety of all-natural nutrients, you can’t go wrong with our salads! Our Smokehouse Turkey Salad contains vitamin- and antioxidant-rich tomatoes, onions, and dried cranberries.

Gluten Free
If you’re living with Celiac disease, a wheat allergy, or simply want to try the health benefits of a gluten-free diet, life doesn’t have to be harder! Our Turkey, Pulled Chicken, Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, and Pulled Pork are all safe options for a hearty meal without gluten. Make it a meal with wheat-free side dishes like our Baked Beans w/ Brisket, Green Beans w/ Bacon, Vinegar Slaw, Creamy Coleslaw, or the seasonal favorite Smashed Potatoes.

Healthy For Kids
Forget the mystery meat and processed foods! City Barbeque is always wholesome, delicious, and real. All of our award-winning meats and sides are available in our Kids Plate, a smaller-size meal guaranteed to put a smile on any kid’s face. Got a picky eater? Go with kid-approved classics like our hand-breaded and locally-raised Chicken Tenders and sides like our hand-cut French Fries, fat-free Apple Sauce, or creamy Mac & Cheese.

Want to know more? Check out our Nutrition Info!

What is barbeque? Barbeque, as we define it, is the act of smoking meat slowly at a low temperature. We throw in some hickory shagbark wood and cook the meat through an indirect method. By doing this, we achieve tender & flavorful smoked meat. When you look into the history of barbecue, you’ll find that it started as a way to take tough cuts of meat and turns it into tender & crave-worthy meat! We take great pride in the authentic way we barbecue in each of our restaurants daily – craft barbeque at it’s finest!

Why is the meat pink? We get this question a lot and we’re proud we do (it means we’re doing it right!). Our meat is fully cooked – the pink color you see is called a smoke ring. This is an indication of true slow-smoked barbecue and is a big part of what gives our meat its unique flavor. Seeing a smoke ring in your barbecue means you’re doing it right! A smoke ring is a result of chemistry! “Myoglobin is the protein that gives meat its red color. When you burn wood, it creates a gas known as nitrogen dioxide. The gas dissolves on the wet surface of the meat and binds with the myoglobin. The smoke locks in that prized pink color. The pink smoke ring occurs only on the outside edge of the meat because the nitrogen gas absorbs from the outside in.” – Julia Warren, Pretty cool, right?

It’s not burnt …it’s just bark! Bark is the delicious, jerky like crust that forms on the outside of smoked meat from the combination of smoke, seasoning, and low and slow heat. This forms on the outside and not the inside of meat because it is exposed to both direct heat and oxygen during the smoking process. We love bark so much, that we started serving our delicious “full-cut” brisket last year, where we leave all the trimmings on our brisket for extra bark & flavor. Mmm… bark…

Winning the Best Brisket at the Kansas City American Royal BBQ Society Championship. It all officially started in 1999 when an award-winning barbeque competition team put their closely guarded recipes and techniques together after winning the competition to found City Barbeque. Since then, we follow the same process -smoked on-site by KCBS certified judges – to serve our meats to “score a 9” which is the highest score you can receive in the KCBS American Royal. We pride ourselves on consistency & authenticity – it’s our passion!

What region of BBQ does City Barbeque represent? Our menu is inspired by the best barbecue we’ve found, and continue to discover as we “research” (think, barbeque-eating marathons) around the country; but as artisans ourselves, we have also added our own creativity to the process. You’ll certainly catch hints of Texas, Kansas City, North Carolina, and Memphis in our ‘que; however, if you ask us what region it represents – it represents the region in which you are eating it because that’s where it was created! Each pitmaster in our joints is responsible for the wholesome, delicious, real barbecue you will enjoy. No doubt, folks get pretty riled up when you mention which region has the best bbq, but we love, respect and are inspired by all styles! We don’t think great barbecue should be limited by geography. Be proud – you are eating some of the best barbecue anywhere.

Ribs: fall off the bone VS bite off the bone? Our ribs are rubbed with our exclusive seasoning blend, then slowly smoked to meet the rigid competition standards for “bite off the bone” ribs. Also, our ribs are pork, and the cut is referred to as St. Louis-cut. We serve this type because, through our smoking techniques, we can give you a large, tender, meaty rib. Some places parboil or bake ribs to quickly make them “fall off the bone”, but we strive for a Score of 9 “bite off the bone” rib.