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The only bad thing about giving someone a City Barbeque gift card is that, well, you’d kiiiinda rather keep it for yourself. To make it easier to actually give that gift, we’re giving you a $5 bonus card for every $30 in gift cards purchased through June 17, 2018*! That’s right: $5 in free ‘que, all for you, for buying a gift you needed to buy anyway. So when you’re shopping for your Mom (PSA: Mother’s Day is May 13), Dad (Father’s Day: June 17), or grad, stop in to City Barbeque and get your gift-giving on!

Here’s the fine print: *gift card sale runs 4/25/18-6/17/18. All offers valid on in-store gift card purchases only. NOT valid for online purchases. Bonus cards are redeemable on future purchases April 26–August 31, 2018 (up to two bonus cards can be used per check). Each bonus card is worth $5 toward any purchase, excluding alcoholic beverages. Gift cards and bonus cards cannot be used toward catering orders. No duplicate gift cards or bonus cards accepted. Bonus cards have no cash value. Gift recipients, rather than purchasers, will earn points on gift card purchases.

Baja Turkey Salad is back and we’re stoked!

Summer may be Barbeque Season, but it’s also the time of year when a fresh, healthy salad sounds sooo good. What’s a ‘que fan to do?

Come to City Barbeque and order up a Baja Turkey Salad! We start with a fresh spring mix and load it up with cukes, tomatoes, and a flavor-packed housemade corn salsa. Then we add the hot stuff: freshly fried tortilla strips and our award-winning smoked turkey. The whole thing gets topped off with our addictive chipotle ranch dressing and a lime wedge for some DIY seasoning.

Sound good? It’s great! The crisp veggies, the crunchy tortillas, the warm turkey, that salsa [heart eyes] But it’s only available for a limited time, so hightail it into your local joint and get your greens on!

Class of 2018: Congratulations on your graduation—and your upcoming graduation party! Our catering experts have literally thousands of grad parties under their belts, and we’d love to help you plan yours.

Want our folks to customize a spread, just for you? We’ll do it! Think you’d party best with a mac & cheese bar? You got it! We can drop off a buffet and get everything set up, or we can fully staff your event, leaving you to relax and enjoy the best barbeque in town. It’s all up to you! Just give us a call to get started (and to schedule your free catering tasting).

Prefer to pick up the spread yourself? No problem! Our Party Packs are perfect for shindigs of any size—just call ahead or order online, pick it up at your local joint, and set it up yourself for an A+ DIY party.

And since we’re total grad party experts, we’re also full of advice! Here are our top five graduation party tips:

  • You’ll be celebrating with folks all day, and it’s hard to hug someone when everyone’s hands are full. Be prepared with a Sandwich Pack and keep a hand free for high-fives!
  • Combo your celebration with folks in your graduating class! Going in on one big party means you won’t have to worry about guest list overlap (and everyone’s budgets will go a little further).
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate! Our catering staff can set up the buffet, serve your guests, and even clean up—all of which leaves you free to mingle!
  • Get ready to ace Party Planning 101: about a pound of meat for every three or four folks, and about five ounces of each side dish per person.
  • Folks will want to toast to your success, so be sure they’ve got bottles to clink! Having a case of old-fashioned sodas on hand makes it easier to down those well-deserved congrats with an ice-cold Cheerwine.

Congratulations again—we can’t wait to help you celebrate!

City Barbeque’s menu is always full of incredible ‘que, but we gotta admit that we sometimes play favorites. And lucky for us, two of our favorite limited-time items are back on April 4th!

We smoke a brisket for 18 hours, sauce it, shred it, and smoke it again for a taco unlike any you’ve ever had. These Double-Smoked Brisket Taqos are served on grilled flour tortillas, topped with homemade smoked corn, tomato, and chimichurri salsa, and come with a freshly charred jalapeño and house-pickled red onions on the side.

These taqos are smoked daily in small batches, and if we run out, it takes 20 hours for us to make more… and we always run out! Get here early, pick up three taqos for $9, and thank us later.

Looking for a greener take on a taqo? We’ve got just the thing! Our Baja Turkey Salad starts with our crisp spring mix, crunchy cukes, and ripe grape tomatoes. Then we add some of that smoked corn salsa, a bunch of freshly fried tortilla strips, and our national award–winning smoked turkey; the whole thing comes with our addictive homemade chipotle ranch and a wedge of lime. It’s like our Smokehouse Turkey Salad went on vacation… and, like a vacation, the Baja Turkey Salad can’t last forever. Get you one (or two, or ten) today!

NEW Baja Turkey salad is delicious, but only around for a limited time!

Here at City Barbeque, we like to say that we belong to our communities. A big part of that relationship is giving back, so we wanted to take a look at what we donated to local folks in 2017:

$7,042 donated to local charities in honor of our new restaurants
Every time we open a new joint, we ask the team at that location to help us choose a local charity, one with a cause they’re passionate about. We then donate 10% amount of our Grand Opening Celebration days sales to the joint’s chosen organization. With seven new store openings in 2017, we were able to donate $7,042 to seven amazing charities in Toledo, Ohio; Charlotte, Raleigh, and Huntersville, North Carolina; Decatur, Georgia; and Berwyn, Illinois. We’ve got eight new joints scheduled to open in 2018 and are so excited to partner with local folks doing great things for our communities!

$242,216 donated to community groups as part of our fundraiser program
Did you know that we love to help folks fundraise? Community groups, sports teams, you name it—we’re happy to help you raise funds with our “dine to donate”–style program. All you need to do to get in on this is fill out a fundraiser request form. Your request will go straight to the team at your local City Barbeque, where our folks will review it, let you know if the fundraiser is a go, and send you all you need to know about promoting your fundraising day. Then just gather your crew for some ‘que! For everyone you bring in to eat on your day, your charity or organization will get back 25% of those sales. Last year, we were able to give $242,216 back to local groups!

$35,715 in gift cards donated to community groups
Looking for another way to raise money for your group? We also provide food and gift card donations for silent auctions and the like. If you’re in need of some raffle items, just submit a request and, as long as this is available in our budget, we’d be so happy to help! Last year, we gave over $35,000 in gift card donations alone.

$147,810 in food donated to the community
We’re proud that each and every one of our joints works with Food Rescue, an organization that connects restaurants to food pantries and organizations to food-insecure families. We freeze surplus food at the end of each day, and every week, volunteers transport that frozen food to local pantries. Just like everything we serve, the smoked meats and homemade sides we donate are held to the highest standards, making them something we’re proud to put on the plates of folks in need!

We also help folks feed volunteers, help the local football team fuel up before the big game, and more. If you have a big group that needs fed, just submit a request. If we’re able to donate, we’d love to. We’re so proud that we were able to donate $147,810—the equivalent of about 14,000 meals—in 2017!

When you add it all up, we donated $432,783 in food and funds in 2017. That’s a lot, but we’re always looking for more opportunities to help! We’ll be opening eight new restaurants in 2018, which means eight new communities to serve and support with food donations, fundraisers, and more.

Giving back is central to our culture, and we’re so excited to keep these donation programs growing!


Here at City Barbeque, we practice what we like to call “Backyard Hospitality.” Essentially, we treat folks as if they were guests in our home. We want you to know how much we care about you, and about the experience you have with us!

Serving folks barbeque and making them smile is its own reward, but it’s always nice to celebrate our team members who truly take this practice to heart. Like Kendall:

I came in for ribs Monday evening around 5. The cashier who was also the manager on duty told me when I tried to order there was a 35 minute wait on ribs that they were still in the smoker. I will admit I was rude seeing as I just saw ribs in the silver box they keep the meats in. She explained how those were from earlier in the day and not up to her standards to sell. She then offered me a meal on her for the inconvenience. I accepted and sat down to eat still angry. 30 minutes later she came to my table with two rib bones and a bag. The 2 bones she let me try. One was the dry rib she initially wouldn’t sell me and one was the fresh rib. She went over and beyond to make sure I understood why she wouldn’t sell me your product at that Time. I’ve never had a restaurant take the time to make something right in such a huge way. In the bag was a full slab for me to take home, on her. Moral to my story: My father passed away 2 years ago. I am originally from Kentucky. Your ribs were his favorite. I come every year on his birthday and eat your ribs in his memory. This year it was rough, I usually eat on this day with my mother who recently just passed as well. It was a very hard day for me. I was rude. I was disrespectful to this young woman she never gave up on trying to make it better from the moment I entered to the moment I left. This young member of your management team spent 20 minutes at my table letting me try ribs, explaining why your process is the way it is and just talking to me like we knew each other for years. To the regional manager or whoever oversees this fine young woman please give her my deepest apologies for my attitude that day and my sincere appreciation to her. She took me out of very dark place that day and for the first time in two years I was able to leave the restaurant happy on a day I struggle with every year. I have sent this story to the city’s restaurant magazine in hopes your customer service never goes unnoticed. Thank you City BBQ and thank you to the young woman who truly helped me through a horrible day. Her name was Kendall. Again, please give her my deepest apologies for my attitude Monday evening. Thank you.

No matter what path you’re walking, we want to make you feel better for having visited us:

Went to City BBQ after chemo with mom, dad and Michael. Dad saw this young man working there with a breast cancer awareness shirt for City BBQ on and asked him if they had any more so I could get one. He checked and they didn’t have any so he found another shirt to wear and gave me the one off his back. How cool is that?! Such a sweet young man to do that.

We really mean it when we say “Backyard Hospitality:”

What an amazing asset you have in Sally at your Franklin Street, Centerville location! She blessed my son and I on Monday February 19th! We were about to order when we realized my son had left his gift card at home so I told Sally that we would be back because we had to run home to get it. Her response was “don’t worry about it, I got you!” At first I thought I was being pranked or misunderstood but she said she didn’t want us to have to run back home. I felt badly, like I was taking advantage of her offer but we took it only to promise to pay it forward. I boasted about my experience on Facebook and am now telling you that she had no idea how much that blessed me (a single mom working two jobs) and now you have a customer for life! We will be back – over and over again! Thank you City BBQ and thank you Sally!!!

We’re committed to serving and creating happiness—we think that’s the best way for us to make a difference in the world. We are always so happy to hear more about how our teammates make a difference for folks in their communities every day:

I was having lunch at your restaurant on the patio the other day with my son (who is 7 and autistic) when one of your employees came around to ask how everything was. She had blonde hair and a retro hornets SnapBack and a smile that could light up the universe. My son grabbed her arms when she walked by amazed by her tattoos meanwhile he didn’t do it in the most friendliest way and her reaction was what lead me here. Instead of growing upset the young lady stopped, spoke with him, let him see all the tattoos and continuously ask “why this one why that one” while he asked her nonstop questions she never grew frustrated. Never rushed his conversation and made him feel like he was at home. At the end my son jumped up hugged her and said I want to be just like you. Her response was one of a very impressive young woman. She said “no you don’t bud, in this world no two people are the same. We love different, we laugh different, we dream different.” She then asked what his dream was, he said to be a police officer. Then she said see, you don’t want to be just like me, you’re unique and 7 years old with a dream that’s pretty impressive. Those 15 minutes your employee spent with my son and the conversation she had with him changed his entire world. He talks to others more, he accepts all types of people, his teachers say he interacts and is more social now all since the one evening we spent at your restaurant and the amount of comfort your employee made him feel. The food is amazing but your staff is why we will always be back. Thank you city bbq!

Has a City Barbeque teammate made your day better? Email and let us know!