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Introducing Double Smoked Brisket TaQos (BBQ Meets Tacos)

What happens when you smoke a brisket for 18 hours, mix it with some secret sauces, smoke it again, then serve it with a smoked corn, tomato, and chimichurri salsa on a grilled tortilla?

BBQ BLISS via our NEW Double Smoked Brisket Taqos! 

(Double Smoked Brisket Taqos, wow, that is a mouthful… and you’ll love every delicious bite :D)

“These aren’t your average taco, folks! We have been refining our recipe over the course of the last six months. Our guests who have tried them can’t get enough… It’s one of those crave-able items that is cool and a little different. The preparation time for these Taqos is intense – we make a batch based on our best guess for what we will sell the next day. If we sell out, it takes us another 20 hours to make more.” said Matt Ferguson, City Barbeque restaurant General Manager in Grove City, Ohio (one of three stores to test the Taqos).

We take our national award winning hickory smoked brisket, shred it, mix it with sauce, then smoke it again… it’s smoky – the kind of smoky you will crave again a few minutes after your last bite.  We put that wonderful brisket on a flour tortilla, cover it with a smoked corn, tomato, and chimichurri salsa – then serve them up in threes.  If you want some extra heat or zing we also garnish it with a charred jalapeno and lime with pickled onions.

Double-Smoked Brisket TaQos are priced at three for $9.

And yes, TaQo’s is pronounced just like tacos. You’ll figure out why it has a Q in the name…

*We make these fresh daily in small batches, so we might sell out at times.