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Eat BBQ, Give Back

Request form guidelines

Thanks for your interest in fundraising with City Barbeque! We are proud to work with community organizations of all kinds to give back 20% of sales brought in through our fundraiser program. Review our guidelines below, then be sure to submit your application at

  • We’re only able to hold fundraising events for non-profit organizations, so we’ll need your group’s current tax ID number in order to schedule your event.
  • For an online order to count toward your fundraiser, folks must apply your unique code prior to checkout at or in the City BBQ app. Once users enter your unique code, they must click the red + button in order to apply the fundraiser code to their order. 
how to add a fundraiser code
  • If folks are ordering in person, they must present your group’s flyer or social media post with the fundraiser code visible, either by pulling it up on their phone or presenting a printed copy.
  • Online orders must be fulfilled (i.e. picked up) on the date of your fundraiser in order to be eligible: orders placed on the date of your fundraiser for fulfillment at a later date will not count toward your sales. (Orders can, however, be placed in advance for fulfillment on your fundraiser date.)
  • Online orders must be placed at your designated City Barbeque location in order to be eligible: orders placed using your code at any other location will not count toward your sales.
  • You may not pass out or distribute flyers on City Barbeque property.
  • Your total fundraising proceeds must be $300 or more to receive your 20% of the proceeds from eligible sales: we can’t issue donation checks for less than $100 due to administrative costs. Checks will be mailed out within three weeks of your fundraiser.
  • The percentage of sales you will receive is based on food, beverage, and bottled sauce sales. Gift card and non-sauce retail purchases are ineligible, as are catering orders, delivery orders, orders placed via third-party delivery services, and sales tax.

Already submitted your application? We’ll be in touch soon to let you know if we’re able to schedule your fundraiser! In the meantime, be thinking about how best to promote your fundraiser—after all, the more sales you bring in, the larger donation you’ll receive!

  • Share on social media: we’ll set you up with everything you need to spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to images designed to stop folks in their scroll, we’ll provide all the language you need to include in your social media posts to make sure your fundraiser is as successful as possible.
  • Send folks an email: we’ll also provide a recommended email you can send via email to friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and networks. Folks can show a digital copy, bring in a printout, or used the provided info to place an online order supporting your fundraiser.