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Whether you’re making snacks for the big game or just celebrating Taco Tuesday with the family, these BBQ pulled pork tacos are the perfect way to feed your crowd! We’ll smoke the pork and provide the sauce, you just put them together (with ingredients you probably already have on hand).

This recipe makes enough tacos for about three folks but is easily doubled, tripled, or multiplied by 20…

To make these tacos, you’ll need:

  • 1 lb of City Barbeque pulled pork
  • Original sauce
  • Corn or flour tortillas, your call
  • Jalapeños (pro tip: you can pick these up at City Barbeque, too!)
  • Avocados
  • Black beans
  • Cilantro
  • Cheese of your choice (we like shredded cheddar but literally anything works)
  1. Call ahead, order online, or stop by your City Barbeque joint to get some slow-smoked pulled pork and Original sauce. (Pick up Brushfire sauce instead if you’re feeling extra spicy!)
  2. Dice the jalapeño and chop the avocado small enough to fit comfortably on your tacos.
  3. Add about 1-2 ounces of pulled pork to each tortilla. (You could also pre-sauce your pork before adding to your tacos, if that’s your jam.Warming your tortillas is another not-necessary-but-nice extra step!)
  4. Top with your cheese of choice—feel free to melt cheese at this stage!
  5. Top with black beans, jalapeño, and avocado.
  6. Finish it off with some freshly chopped cilantro and drizzle with some Original BBQ sauce!
  7. Enjoy your easy BBQ pulled pork tacos, no real cooking necessary. Don’t forget to share on social! Tag us with #CityBBQ and we might repost your barbeque masterpiece.

Check out the recipe video on our facebook!

If you’re reading this, first of all, thanks for being part of City Rewards! Rewarding you with free ‘que is honestly one of our favorite things. (Not a City Rewards member? We can fix that: join here!)

We sometimes get questions on how that free ‘que works, so we wanted to break down all the different ways to redeem the offers and rewards you get as a City Rewards member.

Ordering online?

Make sure you’re signed in to your City Rewards account! Log in on desktop:

or on mobile, and you’ll be able to see all available rewards before you place your order:

If you’re logged in and placing an order in the app, available rewards will appear at checkout.

With all digital ordering options, to use an offer, just select it, follow the on-screen instructions, and enjoy your rewards at checkout!

Ordering in person?

If you’re placing an order in person at City Barbeque and you have the app on your phone, using a reward is super easy. Just open the app, select the reward you want to redeem on the “Rewards” screen and scan the QR code that pops up:

Looking to redeem rewards dollars? It works just about the same way: select “redeem” under “Reward Balance,” choose the amount you want to use, and scan that QR code:

If you’re placing an order in person at City Barbeque and you don’t have the app on your phone, that’s easy, too! Just tell us the phone number associated with your account: we’ll look you up, let you know which rewards you have, and redeem them right there for you.

*Note: to choose a specific reward dollar amount to redeem, you can swipe to the left to select the desired amount; or you can click on the link below “I’d like to redeem a specific amount (e.g. $2.29) and type in your desired amount.

Ordering over the phone?

We’ll be happy to take your order—just let us know you want to use a reward when you get here! We’ll ask you to hold off providing payment until you arrive at the joint, and we’ll redeem your reward the same way as if you were ordering in person.

That’s the lowdown on redeeming rewards! As always, if you run into any issues, just let us know at



Happy 2019! Our New Year’s resolution is the same as always—to serve and create happiness—so we’re back at it with one of our favorite opportunities to serve. Starting January 14, 2019, buy a new limited-edition $5 tumbler* at any of our joints and we’ll donate all proceeds to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans living with traumatic brain injury. This is one mug that really makes a difference… PLUS you’ll get free refills in your fancy new tumbler with any purchase through March 31, 2019!

We’ve been raising funds for Resurrecting Lives for five years now: we’re inspired by their commitment to helping veterans with traumatic brain injury (an estimated 20–25% of the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan) successfully transition to a post-military career and life through advocacy, aid, fundraising, and research. All of us at City Barbeque are so proud to help support the work of this incredible organization, and we hope you’ll join us!

To celebrate our fifth year supporting Resurrecting Lives (not to mention our 20th anniversary!) This year’s tumblers are pretty special. City Barbeque–red, featuring (as always!) custom-designed art, they’re perfect for our fresh-brewed tea, homemade lemonade, or your favorite hot beverage from home.

*limited edition = we always sell out, so get yours today!


We’ve got a secret that’s going to make your holidays a million times easier this year: City Barbeque gift cards are the perfect gift for everyone. And now through December 31, 2018, with every $25 you spend on gift cards, you’ll get a $5 bonus card—the perfect stocking stuffer (or, let’s be real, treat for you!).

And this year, we’ll have three Double Bonus Days, when you’ll get two $5 bonus cards with every $25 spent on gift cards! Mark your calendar for November 23 (Black Friday!), December 3, and December 4, and get ready to get twice the BBQ bonus!

Frankly, we’ve got the holidays covered: not only are we adding a little bonus to your seasonal shopping, but we’re smoking the perfect thing for your holiday table, too! Give us a call to reserve your hickory-smoked whole turkey, turkey breast or ham—sold out for Thanksgiving, but available for celebrations in December—and don’t forget the sweet potato casserole, smashed potatoes and gravy, green beans with bacon, mac & cheese, and (our fave) corn pudding!

Here’s the fine print: this offer is valid on in-store gift card purchases only, not online purchases. Bonus cards will be redeemable in-store January–March 2019 and are worth $5 towards any purchase (excluding alcohol); up to two bonus cards can be used per check. Bonus cards have no cash value, and no duplicate gift cards or bonus cards will be accepted. Gift cards and bonus cards cannot be used for catering. City Rewards members will not earn points on gift card purchases: the guest using the gift card to make a purchase will earns the points.



Just like we do every year, we honored Veterans Day by treating veterans and troops to a meal: a sandwich, two sides, and a regular beverage, on the house. We’ve counted them up, and in 2018, City Barbeque restaurants served a total of 12,340 free meals to veterans and military men and women! Some of the folks who joined us on Sunday, November 11:

“As a former combat US Marine having served in Vietnam and a retired First Sergeant in the Ohio Army National Guard, I wish to send a big thank you to all the folks who put in so much energy and long hours to make this Veterans Day special for myself and my fellow veterans. City Barbeque is truly a special place and I commend all the employees for greeting the veterans with a smile and making us feel very special. I salute you all. Thank you for the very best in food and company on this great day.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Veterans Day meal. I think it is extremely generous of you. I am a displaced Texan and love my smoked brisket—it is wonderful to have a source of good brisket so close by. I willingly did my part during the Cold War as an AF pilot, and am overwhelmed that you would do so much to thank all of us for our service.”

“I am a veteran and my wife brought me to this restaurant tonight because she heard you honored veterans and even offered free dinner. The entire staff was welcoming and thankful for my military service. Your food was perfect and I even received a local student’s hand-written note thanking me also… I loved it and will show my grandchildren. What a great restaurant—great food, great staff, and fun personalities. We will be back.”

“Wish to show appreciation for the remembrance of vets… a free meal, especially a good one, is much appreciated! Kudos to you!!!”

We are so thankful to those who serve, and love being able to show our appreciation with what we do best: barbeque. Thank you for your service, and thank you for spending your Veterans Day with us.

Once again, we’re observing Veterans Day by treating veterans and troops to a meal on the house. All day on Sunday, November 11, all veterans and military will receive a free sandwich, two sides, and a regular beverage at every City Barbeque location (this offer is applicable on either dine-in or carryout orders). Last year, we were honored to serve more than 10,000 veterans and military in our local communities, and we hope to serve even more this year!

“We’re honored every day by the courage, service, and sacrifice of our military men and women, and it’s so important to us here at City Barbeque to show our appreciation,” said Rick Malir, CEO and founder of City Barbeque. “We’re excited to share a meal and our thanks on November 11, and to just spend some quality time with those who serve.”

We’re proud to fundraise throughout the year for veterans’ causes. We’ve raised almost $40,000 to date for the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, an organization that works to support the estimated 20–25% of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with traumatic brain injury. We’ve also made significant donations to Mission 22, a campaign dedicated to awareness and treatment of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries that lead 22 veterans here at home to take their lives every day.

We invite you to help show your support! Share this message with the veterans and military folks you know and help us make the day extra special for those that serve our country.

October is the spookiest, most magical time of the year. Here at City Barbeque, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, hands-down. We’re celebrating in an extra-special way this year: with our 13 Days of Halloween Giveaway! During the 13 days leading up to Halloween, we’ll run a daily contest on each post on our brand’s Facebook page. Leave a comment on our daily Halloween post and you’ll automatically be entered into that day’s #TrickorMeat giveaway!

If you’re selected as the winner of one of our daily “Tricks” you’ll win a fun—possibly spooky!—gag gift from us (and, let’s be real, we’re gonna give you some free ‘que, too). If you’re lucky enough to win that day’s “Meat” prize, you’ll win the only thing better than a bucket of fun-size candy bars: a City Barbeque gift card!

Get it? Trick or Meat?!

So head to and keep your eyes peeled: our first #TrickorMeat post drops on Friday, October 19!

*Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via Facebook message.