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The Big Idaho Potato Truck

Big Idaho Potato Truck

Come see the Big Idaho Potato Truck at City Barbeque! The truck is on its 10th cross-country journey and will be making a stop in Cleveland... and it'll be parked right outside our joint! The truck is loaded with a four-ton potato (!) and travels the country promoting both heart-healthy Idaho potatoes and Idaho Potato's mission to help small charities in towns and cities with its A Big Helping program.

As part of A Big Helping, Idaho Potato and City Barbeque will be donating to The LeBron James Family Foundation for every photo folks take with the truck. Plus, enjoy our famous housemade potato salad for $1 while the truck is parked at our joints!

Catch the truck in Cleveland:

24325 Chagrin Blvd
Thursday, May 18 4–8 pm

Chester Road
35495 Chester Road
Friday, May 19 4–8 pm