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Supporting our team with the City Barbeque Scholarship Fund

Congratulations to Jennifer Jean-Baptiste, Kaylea Ellis, Rachel Rak, Kayla Welch, and Taylor Welch! These five team members just learned they’re the latest recipients of a $3,000 scholarship from the City Barbeque Scholarship Fund.

In 2006, City Barbeque established the fund to support our teammates in pursuing educational opportunities in whatever field of study they choose. We started out by awarding one scholarship each year, but found we couldn’t stop at just one—today, five of these grants are available annually to teammates and members of their families. Over the past 11 years, we’ve awarded 37 scholarships for a total of $130,000!

Taylor Welch

Taylor Welch

Recipients are selected by an outside committee formed with The Columbus Foundation; committee members consider the character, academic standing, and financial need of each applicant when determining awards. This year’s winners join past recipients Alex Branscome, Mikayla Brill, Christian Hipsher, Jeremy Snyder, Natalie Stow, Adrian Gilliat, Abigail Orians, Regina Knoll, Morgan Schunn, Tyler Ikerd, Jillian Armstrong, Kayla Rode, Samantha Amend, Gabriel Ford, Jon Mussman, Alyssa Erbes, Brittany Stark, Devon Wilson, Rosa Nemec, Lindsey Harness, Kevin Janek, Janae Rutland, and Cliff Boyden.