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Support our veterans with a new City Barbeque tumbler (plus free refills!)

If your New Year’s resolution is to:

  • support our nation’s veterans
  • score a new artist-designed limited-edition cup
  • drink more tea but without having to pay for it

then you’re in luck! Starting January 2, 2018 when you buy a new limited-edition tumbler* at any of our joints, we’ll donate all proceeds to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation—AND you’ll get free refills with any purchase through the end of March, 2018! *We really do mean limited… we sell out every year, so don’t wait too long!

Resurrecting Lives works to help veterans with traumatic brain injury—an estimated 20–25% of the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan—successfully transition to a post-military career and life through advocacy, aid, fundraising, and research. We’re so proud to help support the work of this incredible organization, and hope you’ll join us!

The 2018 tumbler has a brand-new design and, just like in previous years, is expected to sell out quick. Get your tumbler soon, then get ready to sip that free sweet tea for the rest of the season, knowing that you’re doing your part to support those who’ve served.