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Pick up a Pepsi—plus 25 bonus points on all online orders!

September 21, 2020

This change in the season has us humming a familiar tune: “Ba de ya, say do you remember / Ba de ya, drinking Pepsi in September…” (… that’s how the song goes, right?)

Well, even if that’s not how Earth, Wind & Fire sings it, we’ve already gone and put ourselves in the mood for an ice-cold Pepsi with our slow-smoked ‘que. And, from now until September 27, we’re giving out 25 bonus points every time you order online!*

As long as you place your order at or in the City BBQ app, these points are yours! Curbside pickup? Bonus points! Prefer delivery? Bonus points! A quick in-person pickup? You’d better believe you’re getting bonus points! (Just make sure you’re logged in when you place your order!)

But these 25 bonus points are only valid on orders placed and fulfilled September 20–27. So remember: you’ve got one week to treat yourself to some BBQ with a side of bonus points (and don’t forget the drink)!

*Bonus points awarded on every order placed at or in the City BBQ app between September 21–27, 2020. Orders must be placed and fulfilled within promotional time frame to be eligible for bonus points. Guests must be logged in to their City Rewards account at time of purchase. Not valid for orders placed via third-party delivery services. Not valid with any other discounts or promotions.