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Did you know?

City Barbeque made enough macaroni in 2014 to make 1,963,636 kids (and kids at heart) say “More, please!

In 2014, City Barbeque gave away enough food to Food Rescue, an organization that delivers food to shelters in the community, to feed 25,592 people free pulled pork platters!

In 2014, City Barbeque won 17 local and national awards for having the best barbecue around.

1,196 organizations held fundraisers at a City Barbeque joint in 2014… We love to help—just ask!

City Barbeque used enough chocolate chips in their cakes last year to make over 20,450 chocolate bunnies.

City Barbeque cooked enough brisket in 2014 to easily feed 345 adult, male lions every day for an entire year.

City Barbeque customers LOVE a kick—they consumed over 189,000 pounds of Brush Fire barbecue sauce in 2014.

If laid end-to-end, City Barbeque sold enough rib bones to cross the state of Ohio and run 50 miles into Kentucky!

City Barbeque’s first business came in the form of catering college tailgating.

All City Barbeque employees enjoy free barbeque as a company perk (and great pay, too!).

We got our big break when we won the Superbowl of BBQ back in 1997 – winning Best Barbeque Brisket at the American Royal Invitational – besting over 300 teams from around the country.

We make all of our sides right here, from scratch, and we smoke all our meats on premise.

We have a secret insider menu… but can you find it? *Hint- it’s not on the website!

Brides and BBQ go well together – we have catered hundreds of weddings to rave reviews.

We have more than 30,000 friends on Facebook – won’t you join us?