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Introducing… Brisket Chili!

We’ve got something new that we know you’re going to LOVE: Brisket Chili!!

We’ve now got the chili that’ll win your heart this winter. It’s got everything: our national award–winning slow-smoked beef brisket. Jalapeños, both in the chili and popped on top. Black beans. Green chilies. Sour cream. Cheddar cheese. And—well, we’re not going to give away all our secrets, but one bite and you’ll forget every chili you ever loved. (Yeah, it’s that good.)

Long story short, it’s NEW, delicious, and available now. Get yourself a cup, or throw down for a whole bowl and really keep the winter blahs at bay! But be sure to get your brisket chili fix soon: it’s only available for a limited time. (Chili time!)