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How would you turn $500 worth of free BBQ into a greater good?

August 17, 2018

At City Barbeque, we try to serve and create happiness in every way we can—from treating someone to a banana pudding, on the house, to giving back thousands of dollars to our communities every year. This National Nonprofit Day, we’re asking you to join our mission of service and happiness creation!

Do you work or volunteer for a nonprofit? Could $500 worth of free barbeque amplify your mission? Maybe you’ve got volunteers who need fed. Maybe, by offering free barbeque at an event, you’d get a bigger turnout to help fix up a home, or build a playground, or raise more funds. How can we help you serve others and create happiness?

Check out the post on our Facebook page, and comment with your plan for turning $500 worth of BBQ into something even better for the community. (Not on Facebook? You can also email your idea directly to Don’t work for a nonprofit or do-good group, but know one who’d be interested? Share our Facebook post and let them know to enter!

From August 17–26, we’ll review all submitted plans and select our favorite to start with, then we’ll work with that organization to figure out how to best get them their barbeque: could be a gift card, could be some Party Packs, could be hundreds of award-winning brisket sandwiches. We’ll also be happy to help promote the great thing they’ve got planned (and who knows, maybe we can help out even more!).

Entries will be accepted through August 26, and the actual event or activity should be completed by the end of October 2018. We’re excited to share the wonderful thing you’ve accomplished!

We’re excited to hear from you and to help support your service to the community with some free ‘que!