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Taqos Every Day > Taco Tuesday: Double-Smoked Brisket Taqos are BACK!

The only thing better than a taco is a taqo, and we are so excited to say that our Double-Smoked Brisket Taqos are back!

It all starts with the brisket: smoked for 18 hours, sauced, shredded, and smoked again. We serve it up on grilled flour tortillas, top it with our house-made Southwest Slaw (read more about that one here!), and plate it up with a freshly charred jalapeño, house-pickled red onions, and a couple of everyone’s favorite pickles on the side.

We double-smoke the brisket for these puppies every day, but if we run out, it takes 20 hours for us to make more… long story short, you’ll want to get in early before we run out for the day! Three to a serving, just $9, double-smoked brisket: this one’s a no-brainer. Get in and get some taqos while the taqo-getting’s good. They’re only available for a limited time!