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This Saturday, Sept. 19, is National Thank a Police Officer Day!

Our police force is awesome, so we want to remind our local heroes that we love them—EVERY day.

This Saturday, we will continue our daily tradition of offering 10% off meals for police and fire personnel who visit us in uniform at City Barbeque.

Thank you for everything you do!

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Congratulations to George Kentris of Upper Arlington, Ohio—he’s our March ‘Que for a Year winner!

Enjoy your awesome year of smoked meats from City Barbeque. You’ve made your wife Susan very happy (apparently she’s one of our biggest fans). #StayTrue

March Que for a Year Winner GK 2

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Opening Day in Cincinnati arrived on Monday, April 6th bringing with it unimaginable amounts of excitement and passion. This tradition spans generations and dates back to 1920! The day is essentially observed as a city wide holiday and many take the day off work and school to cheer on the Reds! After all, Cincinnati is the home of sport’s first professional team so the city has a reason to celebrate. Each year, prior to the game, the streets are lined with thousands of fans decked out in red and white to view a parade that travels through downtown.

This year’s Opening Day Parade hosted 200 entries and lasted for over two hours. City Barbeque joined the parade for their fifth year in a row. Being supportive and involved with the local community is a special part of City Barbeque and this tradition is eagerly awaited every year.

City Barbeque really hit a home run this year when they  located a big RED tractor, refurbished a 35 foot trailer, gathered up staff, and recruited Red’s Hall of Fame member: Tom Browning. Tom pitched the 13th perfect game in baseball history and the first in the history of baseball’s oldest professional team. Tom and his grandson, joined the City Barbeque crew on the float and greeted loyal fans with smiles and waves. You could hear the cheers from the streets “Hey Tom,” or “Mr. Perfect Game!” as the tractor drove along the route.     Read More

Welcome to City Barbeque in Eastgate, where before opening hours on an early Thursday morning you just might be greeted by a few very friendly and eager faces beaming from the dining room area. This dedicated and hard-working team of students  fill barbeque sauce into containers, staples flyers on to-go bags and helps prepare City Barbeque for the busy day ahead. With just one look you can see the sense of accomplishment and pride as these students are being encouraged by their job coaches.City Barbeque Aspire

This group of students represent the Aspire Academy, which is a transition program designed to serve West Clermont Local School Students, 18-22 years of age, who need additional training in daily living and work skills. The goal of the program is to prepare the students to work and live as independently as possible. The Aspire Academy includes an intervention specialist and job coaches who are excited and motivated to get students out in the community to increase independence in all areas of life. Some of these areas include personal finances, planning, organizing, time management, self-care, food prep, grocery shopping, household maintenance, social skills, community involvement, health and safety practices and career development.

aspire 3

City Barbeque is very proud to be a part of this program as well as similar programs in other communities. Giving these students the opportunity to develop skills while helping the restaurant is rewarding for everyone involved. The employees’ at City Barbeque love having a dependable team of helpers working alongside them, and employees find motivation in the students’ excitement and interest. Sharing these moments with the Aspire Academy always starts the mornings off better at City Barbeque.

“We strongly believe it is beneficial to give students experiences in the community such as accessing transportation, grocery shopping and developing work skills at places like City Barbeque,” said Julie Carter, Special Education Supervisor, West Clermont Schools. “We are currently working with 10 businesses in the community and we are grateful for each of these partnerships. These businesses help us develop over 15 students each year from Aspire Academy and provide beginning work experiences for over 12 of our high school students.  Our young adults benefit greatly from their work based learning experiences in our community.”

Students enter the program through an application process. For more information on the great things the Aspire Academy is doing please contact Julie Carter at or (513)943-5025.

And next time you visit City Barbeque know that the sauce sitting on your table just might have been filled with a little extra love!

aspire 4

City Barbeque donated 12,500 dollars to non-profit Resurrecting Lives Foundation, whose mantra is, “Resurrect a hero; strengthen the nation.” The donation was in conjunction with the barbecue restaurant’s anniversary celebration in January, highlighting 15 years of giving back to the community in which it serves. The donation was raised directly through sales of City Barbeque reusable tumblers purchased by customers for 5 dollars with the perk of receiving free refills through March.


Resurrecting Lives Foundation Founder, Chrisanne Gordon, Director of Operations Erik Kazmierczak and the City Barbeque team at the original location on Henderson Road in Columbus, OH.

“I am just so very grateful at your generosity and the success of the campaign.  You are wonderful for doing this for our returning heroes,” said Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon.

Resurrecting Lives Foundation assists in the recovery and reintegration of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans by defining the brain pathology and by developing protocols for recovery. They advocate for returning heroes and their families for collaborations with civilian institutions to provide health care, education and employment. As Director of Operations, Eric Kazmierczak explains, “We honor the fallen by taking care of their brothers and sisters who return.”

“We also had a few Veterans come forward with questions about their injuries, and we are assisting them currently – so it was a perfect timing, and we cannot thank you enough.”- Dr. Chrisanne Gordon

In addition to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, companywide charity ties include ongoing partnerships with Future Farmers of America, Elderheart—an organization promoting social awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans—and Food Rescue, which collaborates with local food banks to freeze and donate any quality leftovers at each City Barbeque location. All locations partner with local organizations to give back to the communities in their backyards. As a company initiative City Barbeque allows any non-profit to host fundraisers at their locations with 25 percent of sales brought in going directly back to their cause. In 2014, City Barbeque held almost 2,000 fundraising events for local charities.

Alex January Winner 2015

Meet Alex. He is overcome with joy because he recently won FREE barbeque for a year! That’s right, FREE ‘QUE!

His response to winning sums it up, “Free barbecue! AHHH!! You have made my whole 2015!! I absolutely love city BBQ and am amazed that I won! Thank you again!!”



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