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Starting in January, we will donate all of the profits from our sales of limited edition drink tumblers to Resurrecting Lives Foundation, an organization that assists Veterans with traumatic brain injuries.  Guests who purchase the tumblers for $5 receive free refills with any purchase through the end of March, along with the satisfaction of knowing they are helping our country’s heroes. Hurry, there are limited quantities of these tumblers!


In 2015, we proudly helped raise over 12,000 dollars to support Resurrecting Lives.  “I am just so very grateful at your generosity and the success of the campaign.  You are wonderful for doing this for our returning heroes,” said Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, in reference to the 2015 donation.

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Resurrecting Lives Foundation assists in the recovery and reintegration of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans by defining the brain pathology and by developing protocols for recovery. They advocate for returning heroes and their families for collaborations with civilian institutions to provide health care, education and employment. As Director of Operations, Eric Kazmierczak explains, “We honor the fallen by taking care of their brothers and sisters who return.”


On Veteran’s day, we gave away free meals to Veterans and has also contributed to Elderheart’s Misison 22 awareness campaign.  “It’s a big part of our company culture,” said Brian Hipsher, VP of Marketing for City Barbeque, “Our employees really care about our communities, and we help however we can.”  In addition to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, company-wide charity ties include ongoing partnerships with Future Farmers of America, Food Rescue- which collaborates with local food banks to freeze and donate any quality leftovers at each City Barbeque location, and local Cancer Research organanzations.  All locations partner with local organizations to give back to the communities in their backyards. As a company initiative we allow any non-profit to host fundraisers at our locations with 25 percent of sales brought in going directly back to their cause. In 2015, we proudly donated over $300,000 to local organizations!

This past Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2015, City Barbeque proudly fed over 6,600 of our U.S. Veterans for Veterans Day—valuing over $66,800. Its most successful Veterans Day to date, the company was able to serve almost 17 percent more free meals to Vets than in 2014.

One veteran who dined with City Barbeque yesterday, David H., posted, “Thank you for a wonderful meal. This is the second Veterans Day that my family has dined at your restaurant. We are always amazed at the care and love that you lavish on your patrons.”

The Columbus-based BBQ restaurant, now 25 stores strong nationally, has served up free meals from its locations to U.S. vets for three years now.

“We are honored that so many of our veterans and military chose to dine with us on a day that is very special for them—and for all of us at City Barbeque,” said Rick Malir, President and Founder of City Barbeque. “This is just one, small way we try to show our appreciation for their service. Every year, the entire company looks forward to joining the ranks of the many grateful organizations across the nation that wish to demonstrate their gratitude on this day.”

City Barbeque honors vets year-round with their Military Monday offer of 10 percent off their order.

This year, City Barbeque worked with their customers to raise $12,500 for Resurrecting Lives, an organization devoted to getting vets with PTSD the help they need. The company also partners with Mission 22 to help raise awareness about veteran suicide.

All City Barbeque locations around Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina participated. One free sandwich platter with two sides was given to each veteran for either dine-in or carryout orders.

Vets Day bbq

Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11. Show your appreciation to a veteran: bring them with you on Veterans Day and we’ll give them a free sandwich platter!

To show our appreciation to our military men and women, we’re giving free sandwich platters to all veterans and troops on Veterans Day 2015!

We have exciting news!  Today, October 26, the City Rewards loyalty program is changing to a cardless program, where guests will use a smartphone app or their phone number to participate. Don’t worry—it’s gonna be even better than the previous program, with more ways to earn points and more rewards to earn! Current members will have their points and rewards automatically transferred to the new program, but will need to complete a few sign up steps to link to their former account.

The free City Barbeque loyalty app will be downloadable on the Apple Store or Google Play Store on October 19th.  The prior card based program will be discontinued on that day as well, but save your card if you have one: you might need it to sign up for the new program to transfer your points and rewards.

Lots of Free Stuff for App Members

Guests who sign up for the app immediately receive a free drink, a free piece of triple chocolate cake on their second visit, and an extra $5 bonus on their third visit.  Members who had points or rewards in the old program will keep their balances in the new program, but will need to update their information for security purposes.

Guests who don’t have a smartphone can still be a member of a non-app based program, using their phone number as a way to look up their account at the cash register.

Earn Points, Get Rewards

For all members, whether app based or non-app based, get a point for every dollar spent, and every 100 points converts to a $5 bonus.  There are many other ways to earn rewards, including Double Point Mondays, Facebook signup/login bonus, Friend Referrals, and for providing meal feedback. We will also be sending out special offers with lots of other cool deals and prizes.

To our current members: thank you for your patience and understanding

Our current program just couldn’t deliver the type of experience our guests should expect. So we needed to change. We know change can sometimes be a pain—trust that we will do everything in our power to make this as easy as possible. We are convinced that once we make the transition and get you moved over to the new program that you’ll love it!

We’d love to share your craft with the world, well, at least with folks who walk through our doors. We are devoting space to local craftfolk who might like to share their creative gift with the community. We are starting this initiative at our Polaris location, and will be branching out to other locations in the future!

Our first featured artist is Jonathen Adkins, a photographer who lives and works here in Columbus. His wide range of subject matter comes from his travels, as well as from right here in Ohio.

Jonathen bio pic

“I’m not that good with words,” Jonathen says, “so I let my photos talk for me. My work expresses my feelings. With my images I let you see the world how I see it; in a sense you get a glimpse in to my mind. Essentially I want my photos to make people think. Make them feel something.”

Jonathen’s work will be displayed until December 3. Make sure you stop by City Barbeque at Polaris soon (8491 Sancus Boulevard Columbus, OH 43240)! You can find contact info, and view much more of his work at

We are very happy to have Jonathen get involved with this project! To show your own work, shoot Chris an email at

Our craft is barbeque—what’s yours?

Join us in the fight against cancer! On October, 21, 2015, 5% of sales will be donated to American Cancer Society.