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You may have heard us say we’re proud to donate 10% of our pre-tax profits to charities and non-profits in the communities we serve. That’s true: we do make those donations, and we are more than proud to do so. But maybe you’re wondering how your charity, non-profit, school, team, or club can get in on that action? It’s super simple, y’all—hold a fundraiser!

Fundraising with City Barbeque is a win-win situation. You get to enjoy the city’s best barbeque with your family and friends, and your organization gets 25% of those sales! Well, maybe it’s a win-win-win: we love doing fundraisers and giving back to our communities, so we win, too.

Wondering how to hold a fundraiser? No sweat! We do these all the time, so we’ve got the process down to a slow-smoked science. We’ll give you the tools to help you meet your fundraising goals: flyers to distribute & best tips on how to get the word out.

Visit our fundraising page to learn more. There you’ll find our guidelines, an application, and examples of groups in your community that are already sharing the love with the help of City Barbeque. We want to add you to the list—schedule your fundraising date now!

What has one leg, one thigh, one breast, one wing, and fights cancer? A half chicken sold during Quetoberfest! For the next two weeks*, we’re donating $1 from the sale of every hickory-smoked half chicken to the American Cancer Society… we’re making it easy (and delicious!) to join in the fight against cancer!

We’ll also be offering a special limited-edition Quetoberfrest pint glass for $3, or order one filled with your favorite beer for $5, and we’ll donate another $1 to the American Cancer Society! If you’re interested in getting a glass, be sure to stop in your local joint soon – we only have a limited supply & they’re gonna go quick!

The Quetoberfest-ivities end October 2nd, so grab your dirdl and lederhosen and get on down to City Barbeque. We’re excited for you to see the surprises we’ve got in store!

PS: Hit your limit on half chickens and craft beer and Quetoberfest’s still going strong? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Try our signature smoked Texas sausage topped with grilled green peppers and onions for that Wiesn vibe. #ProTip

*Quetoberfest fundraiser starts Monday, September 19 and runs through October 2nd.

There’s no nip in the air quite yet, but the calendar doesn’t lie: we are only days away from the start of football season. Football means tailgating which also means barbeque (although to us, barbeque is year-round), and we’re proud to be your tailgating advisors! Here are our top five tailgating tips:

  • Start setting up early—everyone knows it’s bad luck if you’re still doing party prep during the coin toss (probably). Order online or call ahead to skip the line.
  • Finger food is a must! No one wants to wrangle a plate, fork, knife, and napkin—and it’s hard to do the wave (or Surrender Cobra) when your hands are full. Be prepared with a pulled pork slider pack or double-smoked brisket taqos and keep a hand free for high-fives!
    • We know that sometimes you want to go above and beyond (show-off!) and we have you covered for that too. Party Packs or our catering experts can give you the full spread and help you earn the MVH (Most Valuable Host) title.
  • Remember to bring extra: ice, chairs, sunscreen, trash bags, extension cords, and the most important – brisket!
  • Take a tip from your favorite City Barbeque joint and stash your condiments in an empty six-pack holder for easy transportation and handling.
  • Keep everyone hydrated: while some folks may be enjoying a cold one, you don’t want the under-21 crowd to go thirsty. Add a case of old-fashioned sodas to your order and wash down the accolades with an ice-cold Cheerwine. You’ve earned it!

Confession #119:

“I love the flavor of the potato salad. I think it’s better than my mom’s!”

Confession #185:

“…and decided to try your establishment because it said ‘brisket’ I have to admit, the BEST brisket I have had in over 10 years – that’s about the time I left Texas… Thank you!”

Starting in January, we will donate all of the profits from our sales of limited edition drink tumblers to Resurrecting Lives Foundation, an organization that assists Veterans with traumatic brain injuries.  Guests who purchase the tumblers for $5 receive free refills with any purchase through the end of March, along with the satisfaction of knowing they are helping our country’s heroes. Hurry, there are limited quantities of these tumblers!


In 2015, we proudly helped raise over 12,000 dollars to support Resurrecting Lives.  “I am just so very grateful at your generosity and the success of the campaign.  You are wonderful for doing this for our returning heroes,” said Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, in reference to the 2015 donation.

Donation pic 2015 small


Resurrecting Lives Foundation assists in the recovery and reintegration of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans by defining the brain pathology and by developing protocols for recovery. They advocate for returning heroes and their families for collaborations with civilian institutions to provide health care, education and employment. As Director of Operations, Eric Kazmierczak explains, “We honor the fallen by taking care of their brothers and sisters who return.”


On Veteran’s day, we gave away free meals to Veterans and has also contributed to Elderheart’s Misison 22 awareness campaign.  “It’s a big part of our company culture,” said Brian Hipsher, VP of Marketing for City Barbeque, “Our employees really care about our communities, and we help however we can.”  In addition to the Resurrecting Lives Foundation, company-wide charity ties include ongoing partnerships with Future Farmers of America, Food Rescue- which collaborates with local food banks to freeze and donate any quality leftovers at each City Barbeque location, and local Cancer Research organanzations.  All locations partner with local organizations to give back to the communities in their backyards. As a company initiative we allow any non-profit to host fundraisers at our locations with 25 percent of sales brought in going directly back to their cause. In 2015, we proudly donated over $300,000 to local organizations!

This past Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015, City Barbeque proudly fed over 6,600 of our U.S. Veterans for Veterans Day—valuing over $66,800. Its most successful Veterans Day to date, the company was able to serve almost 17 percent more free meals to Vets than in 2014.

One Veteran who dined with City Barbeque yesterday, David H., posted “Thank you for a wonderful meal. This is the second Veterans Day that my family has dined at your restaurant. We are always amazed at the care and love that you lavish on your patrons.”

The Columbus-based BBQ restaurant, now 25 stores strong nationally, has served up free meals from its locations to U.S. Vets for three years now.

“We are honored that so many of our Veterans and military chose to dine with us on a day that is very special for them—and for all of us at City Barbeque,” said Rick Malir, President and Founder of City Barbeque. “This is just one, small way we try to show our appreciation for their service. Every year, the entire company looks forward to joining the ranks of the many grateful organizations across the nation that wish to demonstrate their gratitude on this day.”

City Barbeque honors Vets year-round with their Military Monday offer of 10 percent off their order.

This year, City Barbeque worked with their customers to raise $12,500 for Resurrecting Lives, an organization devoted to getting Vets with PTSD the help they need. The company also partners with Mission 22 to help raise awareness about Veteran suicide.

All City Barbeque locations around Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio and throughout Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina participated. One free sandwich platter with two sides was given to each Veteran for either dine-in or carryout orders.

Vets Day bbq