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Backyard BBQ season is FINALLY here!

May 23, 2018

Folks at City Barbeque have been acting pretty jolly, and for good reason: ‘tis the season… for barbeque! We know that barbeque’s really a 24/7/365 lifestyle, but summer feels so BBQ-y. And—while we love having folks in to eat with us at the joint—we know that sometimes, a pulled pork sandwich just tastes better when you’re eating it in your own backyard. Planning your own start-of-summer party? Here are our three best backyard BBQ tips!

First things first: don’t run out of food
Can’t have a BBQ without BBQ. Whether you invited four folks or the full neighborhood, we’ve got the perfect Party Pack for your backyard party!

Look like a pro: carve it at home
Picture it: you bring home a whole brisket or pork shoulder and carve it up at the party. Everyone will be super impressed, plus you’ll be the hero handing out sandwiches. (And we won’t tell anyone you didn’t smoke it yourself, promise!)

Maximize your party time: skip the line
Got your Party Packs all picked out? Once you’ve got the menu set, just order your favorites online, pick ‘em up at the joint, and get the party started that much sooner!