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Atlantic Smoked Salmon and Big Bone are back for a limited time!


Just like everyone else, we’re clearing out space on our smoker shelves and only keeping things that spark joy… so we actually shuffled stuff around to make room for two of our very favorite limited-time specials!

Available at all locations on Fridays only, our Atlantic salmon ($10.99) is smoked in-house, seasoned with dill, and served with lemon over a bed of fresh baby greens. This perfectly smoked salmon is served hot off the smoker and always sells out quickly—be sure to get in early to catch yours!

 Speaking of “sells out quickly,” let us introduce you to the Big Bone, a massive beef rib available Saturdays only through the end of March. Beautifully marbled and packed with flavor, the Big Bone is hand-rubbed with City Barbeque’s signature rub, smoked low and slow, and served by the bone (trust us, you only need one: just one of these bones can weigh a pound and a half!). The Big Bone sells out every day we smoke ‘em, and you’ve got nine chances to get one, so plan accordingly!