What is True ‘Que?

City Barbeque is True ‘Que.

True ‘Que is barbeque as it is meant to be: top quality meat, seasoned by hand and slow smoked by someone who knows their way around a pit. True ‘Que has bark and a smoke ring. True ‘Que has sauce on the table, not on the meat.

City Barbeque is True Que because our heart is 100% devoted to the craft of barbeque. We refuse to cut corners or take any short cuts. We’re “all smoke, no mirrors.” which means our customers get the real deal: brisket like they do it in Texas… pulled pork as good as any in the Southeast… ribs that “bite off the bone” like the racks served in Kansas City. They get barbeque in its truest form, by people who are devoted to doing it right.

True ‘Que is not just what we do. It’s why we do it.

How it all began…

At City Barbeque – after decades of traveling, tasting, and other “research” – we bring you our delectable renditions of the best regional barbeque styles america has to offer. Our pork shoulder is reminiscent of the southeastern united states, the brisket and sausage take you to texas, and the ribs exude a blend of the memphis and kansas city styles.

It all officially started in 1999 when an award-winning barbeque competition team put their closely guarded recipes and techniques together and founded City Barbeque. Our award-winning barbeque is made with only the highest quality meats and served with our signature sauces on the side. Huge smokers are loaded daily to guarantee the very best hickory smoked, juicy, tender meat anywhere.

So if an authentic barbeque experience is what you’re after, look no further. Small groups of folks like us still believe in honoring quality, generations of tradition and true service.

We proudly dedicate our lives to the pursuit of barbeque and the pursuit of happiness! (wait a minute, isn’t that the same thing?)




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