Welcome to City Rewards Club!

"How do I get a City Rewards Card?"

Go into a City Barbeque joint and request a “City Rewards Club Card” with your carry-out or dine-in order. The card is free and you will receive it with your order.

“Can I add money to my City Rewards Card and use it like a Gift Card?”

No, although your rewards you earn are similar to a loaded gift card, you cannot add dollars to your rewards card. We have separate gift cards available for purchase.

"How do I register my City Rewards Card?"

Register your card online here, and enter your profile for an extra $5.00 Bonus, available to redeem on your second visit after registering!

"Why should I register my City Rewards Card?"

A $5.00 Bonus will be added to your account just for registering your profile online!If you dine at City Barbeque and dont’ have your card, just give us your phone number and we can look up your profile, and you’re still earning points. Registered City Rewards Club Members are the first to receive insider information including menu news, surveys, upcoming events, and everything about City Barbeque!

“Can points be combined from two cards for one transaction?”

We allow only one City Rewards Card per transaction, and points cannot be combined from two cards.

“Why don’t I get credit for Catering or Barbeque By Mail purchases?”

We can only track points through our physical City Barbeque joint locations.

“If I place an order online, can I receive points?”

Yes if you have a City Rewards Club Card. You will place your order online like normal, and when you pick up (or dine in) at City Barbeque with your order, swipe your card for points. There is nothing you have to fill out online when placing your order for points.

“I had 75 points and earned 40 more so I should have 115 points, but my card points balance only shows 15 points. Where did my points go?”

When you reach 100 points, $5 is loaded onto your City Rewards Card and 100 points are subtracted from your account. You can redeem the $5 on your next City Barbeque visit, or let your points build and redeem at a later date.